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Best Whistler BC Nightlife


Getting the best Whistler Blackcomb accommodations will be important especially after a long day of skiing.  However, do you just want to choose a hotel that will allow you to relax or do you want to get a hotel that’s right in the centre of the resort.  If you love the nightlife, then you absolutely want to get accommodation that’s in the centre of the nightlife scene.  However, what are the best Whistler BC nightlife spots?

Check Out the Dubh Linn Gate Pub

This is a beautiful and elegant Irish themed pub and it’s going to appeal for most.  It’s known for its Whistler après-ski events so; this is going to always be busy no matter what.  Everyone who visits Whistler will check out this pub and it’s a great place to spend the night.  You will get some traditional foods here along with great live Irish music too.

The Longhorn Saloon

This is a very traditional bar that most will enjoy.  It has traditional beers, European styled themes and some great food as well.  However, it’s the patio area that is most famed because it takes in the sun just beautifully at certain points of the day.  If you manage to sit out on the patio you will be able to get beautiful sights of Whistler and Blackcomb.  So you probably want to choose this spot!  This is one of the best spots for Whistler Blackcomb nightlife.

The Fire Rock Lounge

Another famous spot, The Fire Rock Lounge is really a lovely place to spend the night.  The Fire Rock Lounge is actually a very quiet little retreat but that is perfect because you get to enjoy a quiet nice enjoying a drink while taking in the local sights.  The atmosphere is lovely and it will be the perfect place to share a cosy night with your partner.  If you get Whistler Blackcomb accommodations close by, you won’t have far to travel.

Tommy Africa Bar

This is a beautiful club because it offers amazing retro nights.  Why not relive the 1980s right here in Tommy Africa bar?  You will love the atmosphere and the classic music too.  In fact, there are even go-go dancers which are quite unusual but you will enjoy dancing the night away here.  Of course, this place is quite busy because it appeals to most and you will enjoy it to.  Tommy Africa Bar is actually one of the best Whistler Blackcomb BC nightlife scenes to visit.

Maxx Fish Lounge And Bar

This is going to be the best place for those who want to get back into the DJ scene!  Now, if you want to listen to DJs, then this is the place for you!  You will enjoy the metal music along with the hip hop scene too.  However, the staff is very friendly and you will enjoy the atmosphere also.  If you get Whistler Blackcomb accommodations in the Village then you won’t have to walk far after a heavy night of drinking.

Where Will You Spend The Night?

Just like Park City rentals, there are lots of amazing spots to choose from when it comes to nightlife in Whistler.  You have the ability to check out all the latest areas and the bars and clubs above are only a few local hotspots to choose from.  There are lots more and you can get some amazing places too.  Why not choose the best Whistler après-ski events for you today and enjoy Whistler’s nightlife.